DXM (Coming in 2016)

Dominique Tipper stars as Maddie in the mind-bending quantum sci-fi action thriller “DXM”.

“Let the mindgames begin!”

A group of young bio-engineers discover that they can use quantum physics to transfer motor-skills from one brain to another. They freely spread this technology, believing it to be a first step towards a new intellectual freedom. But as the mysterious past of one of their group is revealed, dark forces emerge that threaten to subvert this technology into a means of mass control.

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The story revolves around six lead characters: Stella, Jaxon, Dylan, Rollo, Maddie and Agnes. They are students at the Digital Mind Cross Faculty (known as DxM), a centre of excellence for quantum research.
Each of our groups is brilliant in their different fields of study, but Stella is the most obscure.

She joins the group late, after the mysterious suicide of Agnes and immediately she starts to gather together the other students’ research, combining it into her own ambition – which is finally revealed to the stunned group.

Stella has found a way to transfer motor-skills from one human brain to another. Although this experimentation has been in progress for years amongst rodents, connecting their brains with binary computers, noone has even been able to apply the same protocol to humans, because the human brain is too vast for any existing computer to handle the transferred data.

But DxM has just taken possession of a quantum computer that operates on Entangled Neutrino Charms – hence his abbreviated name “ENOCH”. In the Bible, Enoch’s devotion to God was rewarded when God took his mind from his body so that he might live forever.

This charming anecdote was told at the ceremony where Enoch was presented to the excited students by the college Master, Professor Gabriel Kreutz. A brilliant and gifted quantum theorists, who pioneered the interfacing of the human mind with computers, his career was cut short by a savage stroke, robbing him of his body and making him bitter with humanity and furious with God.
Indeed, though none would believe it, Gabriel Kreutz was once a man of faith, serving high as a Cardinal in an obscure sect of the Church that the Vatican refused to acknowledge.

Stella sets herself against Kreutz from the first meeting, challenging him as he joyfully announced the delivery of Enoch. In front of the massed student body, Stella accuses Kreutz of having his own dark intentions for Enoch. She declares that Enoch should be used for one purpose only, to create a United States of Minds and begin an era of intellectual equality, where every mind can be linked to share skills, ideas and abilities.

As the story builds to a high-energy climax, where Stella and the groupsconnect the students to show them how this new future could work, a deep secret about Stella is revealed and her past as a small child, at the hands of Kreutz is now told.

She was once the subject of the Professor’s own early experimentation and nothing that has happened since that day has been by chance. Kreutz’s original plan is now exposed and even the name of the Faculty – DxM – is revealed for its true meaning “Deux Ex Machina”. Kreutz intended the mighty machine of Enoch to be used to force faith onto the minds of a new generation.

In a final twist, it becomes clear however that Stella is not the pawn that Kreutz intended. In truth, Kreutz never knew the true nature of the child that he randomly stole from an orphanage for his experimentation. The little girl was always something quite extraordinary.

And as Stella connects this mass of minds, the most fundamental principle of quantum theory comes into play: that reality is created by human consciousness. The result of the connection is far greater than ever imagined as a new consciousness is brought forth for humanity.


Sam Neill, Melia Kreiling, Tom Payne, Ursula Strauss, Antonia Campbell-Hughes, Dominique Tipper, Oliver Stark, Ryan Doyle, Turlough Convery, Simon Paisley-Day, Pedja Bjelac


ANDREW GOTH’s (Director/Co-writer) powerful debut feature ‘Everybody loves Sunshine’ was awarded the Carl Forman Prize from BAFTA. He now brings his talent for action and compelling narrative to DxM.

JOHN PARDUE (Director of Photography): Emmy-nominated for ‘The Girl’, Pardue is known for his skills in rendering the hyper-real, giving DxM a fresh photographic look.

GERRY VASBENTER (Cinematographer) has been working on high profile productions as the ‘Lord of the Rings’-trilogy.

Written by dominiquetipper